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Hire us to install basic gates or a parking access revenue control system today. Located in El Paso, TX and serving all surrounding areas.

When you own a parking lot, it's important to know who uses it. You may want it exclusively for employees, or you may want part of it for guests. You may even want to use it for revenue. Time Clock Sales & Service can install the devices you need to use your lot your way.

Time Clock Sales prides itself on great tech support and superior products. We have serviced the southwest Texas area for 38 years with clients in many fields. Industries include Education, Government, Transportation, Financial Service, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Staffing, and Construction. Supporting Payroll, Payroll Interfaces, Job Tracking, Access Control, Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras, and Parking Equipment.
Time Clocks Sales of El Paso carries several different brands and product types of time clocks, including cards, swipe, and bio metric readers. They also provide access controlled door locks, and parking lot access controls.
We can fit your needs to create real solutions that make a direct impact on your success. We live and work here in El Paso and love calling El Paso home. We understand the importance of providing prompt and courteous local support to our customers, offering timekeeping solutions to control labor costs and efficiently manage attendance policies and security and safety for peace of mind.

Our parking lot access control systems put you in control. You can decide who can come in and if they're charged a fee. Best of all, you can change the setup at any time.

Email us today to discover how easy it is to take control of your parking lot. We serve El Paso, TX and the surrounding region.

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All of your security and timekeeping needs, all in one place

Secure your property and manage your timekeeping with top-of-the-line equipment. Our crew can install:

  • Parking gates
  • Biometric equipment
  • Parking access control systems
  • Security camera installation

Whether you need time stamps for employees or pay stations for guests, our team can install the devices and ensure they are working properly. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

A parking access revenue control system can turn your unused spaces into a stream of income. We can equip your property with the parking lot access control and fee revenue equipment you need. Just set your rates and let your property earn money for you.

Connect with us today to learn more about installing a parking access revenue control system.