Secure Your Property With Biometrics

We install biometric equipment in El Paso, TX

Take your access systems to the next level with biometric equipment. These systems allow you to use facial recognition, eye scans or fingerprint scans to ensure your safety. With the right system in place, your property can be more secure than ever before.

Don't take chances with security at your place of business. Look to Time Clock Sales & Service for biometric device installation or servicing in the El Paso, TX region.

We offer a wide variety of Time Clocks and Parking equipment. Our state of the art finger, hand, and facial recognition equipment is the latest in biometric equipment industry.

Time Clock Sales & Service has been selling, installing and servicing sophisticated solutions to a wide variety of businesses throughout the State of Texas. Our Corporate Headquarters is located in El Paso, Texas. Our wide selection of Personnel Management systems allow you to keep accountability of your employees and students.

Choose your method of recognition

Choose your method of recognition

Biometric equipment is very accurate and can be used in a variety of ways. If you want a simple fingerprint scanner, we can install one. If you want a more robust system that scans a person's face, hands or eyes, we can install that, too.

Get the biometric device that suits your needs perfectly. Reach out today to schedule installation at your business location.

Benefits of a Time Clock System:

  • Surprisingly low initial investment
  • Easy to use
  • Uses your exisiting PC
  • Designed to provide the information you need, when you need it 
  • Nationwide dealer network
  • Flexible to expand as your business needs grow 

With a Time Clock Time & Attendance System you can:

  • Stop adding up time cards
  • Stop emplouee "time theft" 
  • Stop unauthorized overtime
  • Stop costly manual calculation errors
  • Stop "missing punch" overpayments 

If you are thinking about automating your business operations in a simple and cost effective way, the time is right now to talk with Time Close Sales & Service of El Paso, TX.